Pointing flight

Functional location:

In the device management interface, select “point to flight”

Enter the “pointing to fly” interface

The meaning of each function and operation steps:

1. Coordinates: After clicking, you can enter the latitude, longitude and altitude data. After execution, the aircraft will reach the specified point. need to be set in advance;

2. Move the cursor: determine the point where you need to reach the destination;

3. Point selection: when you move the cursor to the appropriate point, click “select point” to confirm the location;

4. Execution: After clicking execute, the aircraft will specify the waypoint in the direction;

5. Location switch: After clicking the switch, the location of the mobile app (person’s location) will quickly return to the center of the map interface.


1) After clicking execute on the pointing flight function, the aircraft will enter a special flight mode;

2) In this mode, the remote control stick is invalid (can’t control the altitude and move forward, backward, left and right); you can use the remote control to control the aircraft normally by switching the flight mode switch.