KX FC installation

1.1 KX connection diagram

1.2 KX FC installation location requirements

1). It needs to face up, not upside down, try to keep it parallel to the fuselage;
2). In order to obtain the best flight effect, it is recommended to install the flight controller horizontally at the center of gravity of the aircraft. If the installation position of the flight controller is not in the center of gravity of the aircraft, please fill in the corresponding installation distance as required in the Basic->Installation->Installation Position interface of the K++ Assistant Software;
3). The flight controller has been internally damped, try to use hard 3M glue to fix the flight controller.

1.3 KX FC installation orientation requirements

As shown in the figure, select one of the installation directions, and select the corresponding configuration in the basic->installation->IMU direction interface in the K++ assistant software. (The direction of the red arrow represents the direction of the nose)