Introduction to Assistant Software

Jiyi K++ flight controller assistant software mainly includes four functional interfaces: view, basic, advanced, and tools.

1. View

The viewing interface is mainly used to read and view the parameters. It can detect the basic parameters of the flight control, the installation data of the rack, the main parameters of the remote control, the sensitivity of the aircraft, the voltage protection setting parameters of the battery, and the connection of the expansion module Status or parameters.

2. Basic

Basic interface, including rack selection, installation direction selection, power configuration setting, remote control parameter setting, sensor data reading and calibration, and flight parameter setting functions.

3. Advanced features

The advanced function interface includes advanced sensitivity, protection function, fence module and expansion module.

4. Tools

The tool interface mainly includes the functions of upgrading the flight controller firmware, restoring factory settings, importing and exporting flight controller parameters, downloading the flight log, and registering the manufacturer and aircraft model of the flight controller. After filling in the aircraft and manufacturer information, you need to click the green + mark on the right to complete.