Suitable working environment

1.Tasks requiring high-precision positioning;

2.In foreign countries, only base stations can be used to use sky terminal RTK;

3.RTK base stations are required in areas where the Qian xun network does not exist;

4.Coverage: About 2km;

Use process

1、Set up a base station in a high and open environment;

2、The antenna of the base station should also be as high as possible to better receive satellite signals and send positioning data to the aircraft;

3、Turn on the device switch and turn on the radio switch at the same time;

4、Wait for 3-5 minutes, the RTK light will flash quickly, and the radio switch will also flash slowly;

5、After the RTK light and radio switch light flash stably, it indicates that the BTS has been positioned;

6、After the base station is located, the aircraft with radio RTK can be used for operational flight;