1、When using the network base station, please do not disassemble the equipment without permission. In case of failure, please communicate with the technical personnel in time;

2、Please use the matched stabilized voltage power supply for charging, and keep away from fire sources, inflammables and explosives during charging;

3、In use, the base station must be erected at an open and unobstructed height;

4、During use, the base station cannot be moved at will; After the base station is moved, it must be relocated;

5、Do not use the equipment in bad weather (strong wind, rain, etc.);

6、It is forbidden to install or disassemble various antennas on the network base station when it is powered on;

7、The whole series of RTK products of JIYI use WGS84 coordinate system, and the elevation uses the altitude field under WGS84 coordinate system (relative to the geoid of 84 coordinate system);

8、4G network coverage area, for reference. There is no coverage in North America, and other countries basically cover it. See the tick section in the table below for details. Please check the specific frequency band with the local operator and select the appropriate operator.