1.ON/OFF:The equipment switch must be turned on when in use;

2.RADIO:The radio function switch must be turned on when using the radio RTK;

3.NET:The network signal indicator will flash yellow when the network is smooth;

4.RTK:The signal indicator light flashes at a faster frequency when the BTS RTK is positioned;

5.BAT:Battery warning light, when the equipment is under low voltage, the red light will be on;

6.SN code:The equipment number must be available when using the network base station. It must be kept and not lost. The matching security code is also available (if you don’t know, you can consult JIYI technician, and you need to use the equipment Sn number to query);

7.SIM:The card slot of the mobile phone traffic card, and the network base station needs to use the network traffic;

8.4G:External antenna of the traffic card to collect network signals;

9.DC 12V :The charging socket of the device, please use the standard charger for charging;

10.RAIDO:The radio antenna is used to transmit the positioning information of the base station to the radio RTK at the sky end;

11.Antenna:The satellite antenna of the equipment is used to search for satellite signals. When using the equipment, it is necessary to raise the equipment without blocking;